NFT′s - Print - Oil On Canvas

NFT′s - Print - Oil On Canvas

I came to this world to be an artist.

I followed the call of artistic endeavor and I made my path from the foothills of Foggia to the hills of Rome and then to sky scrapers of New York. Always carrying in my heart the gold of the Italian sun and the azurri of it′s sky.

My painting is a medium not only of self expression but of discovery of the world around. Simple butterflies get new dimensions on my canvas and float on an infinite blue sea.

I′m thinking a lot about the Metaverse and if I can claim some of it′s real estate for my new digital endeavors.

I see myself creating ideas not just JPEGs and minting them as NFTs.

This is a brave new digital dimension that I can′t wait to fully embrace.

Oil on Canvas - NTF′s, available on print too