The city represents the desire for a home of one′s own to live a life of comfort. In addition to stability, the metropolis embodies constant adaptation to the changing circumstances of life. Thoughts and feelings form the image of the city. It represents social interaction, how one feels in interacting with others, and the condition of one′s friendships or family life.

The cities presented by Lina are geographically very different, but New York and Rome actually have many points in common. The beauty, the monuments, the unique neighborhoods, and the charm of each city attract people from all over the world. In addition, there is a sense of motherly love toward children, who are always welcome and can feel free and protected regardless of nation, religion, or culture. They feel good there, and so they return home.

Between these two homes, Rome and New York, Lina also divides herself. These are the cities where she lived, where she grew up, and where she raised her son, the cities that she carries in her heart. Through her paintings, we can understand the emotions and experiences that inspired their creation.
The places where we come from mold us and influence us down to our deepest being, making us who we are and shaping our identity.

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