In the "Abstract" collection, we find a common thread of the butterfly, symbolic of resurrection, and the color blue, synonymous with the deep and abyssal.

In all cultures, the butterfly has been associated with rebirth and regeneration and is symbolic of the human soul, capable of renewing and transforming itself. In particular, the rebirth of the butterfly, which emerges from its cocoon and flies away freely, connects with the living image of the rebirth of the spirit as the soul is freed from the wrapping of matter and leaves the body at the moment of death to become immortal.

The butterfly as a universally recognized sign of beauty and grace is constantly revived in every field in new forms, color combinations, painting techniques, paintings, and fabrics that are often a macro reproduction of a portion of a wing.

In the collective imagination, wings have always represented a sense of freedom, of union with the sky and, therefore, of union with the Divine.

To spread one′s wings without hindrance and to free oneself from the terrestrial world; to dive into infinite space in order to go beyond the human condition. The angel wing symbolizes this "dematerialization," which is the source of liberation, and for this reason, in mythology and in art, the inspired and wandering Being on the path of knowledge is represented by wings.

Wings lead to a higher reality that is not in the sky or under the earth, but instead is within our Being.

Abstract art, by definition, is that art which does not represent reality, but, by creating new images, expresses concepts through the recombination of shapes, colors, and lines.

The path that led to abstractionism has its origin in symbolism, which involves evocation of sounds, feelings, and emotions without representing reality for what it is.

In her "Abstract" collection, Lina expresses strong and bursting feelings, internalized and reworked with gestures that mark each individual work. They become a cry of liberation, and at other times, a thread of meditation. In any case, the emotion of the moment is expressed with a symbol, a movement, a line, or a color. It′s as if some sort of primordial message seeks a new and contemporary language as a way out.

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