Being a mother is a unique experience that comes with an array of emotions, including joy, fear, anticipation and love. It is an unconditional love that begins to grow in a mother′s heart as soon as she knows she is pregnant and she continues to grow every day as she watches her baby grow and develop.

The love of being a mother is all encompassing and often limitless. Mothers are willing to do everything in their power to ensure their children are happy and healthy, and will put their children′s needs before their own. They inspire, teach and guide their children through life′s ups and downs by providing a safe and nurturing environment.

Being a mother is challenging and requires patience, resilience, and selflessness. But the love that comes with it is priceless and is a bond that cannot be broken.

This is what be mother means

Sculpture in Resin. Year: 2003

17in x 10in x 10in

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